Born 23rd July 1968

Nationality Australian 

Education Stanford

Occuptaion Entrepreneur, Artist & Author

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Born 23rd July 1968 Jacinta is an Australian Entrepreneur, Artist and Author of Entrepreneurship How To Fail From Fairytale to Reality, a book on the adventures of International Entrepreneurialism.


1986 to 2006 Jacinta worked as an Artist, singer songwriter, poet and playwright and producer in Melbourne Australia, an entrepreneurial member of The Australian Art & Entertainment Industry. Headlining multimedia theatrical shows The Queen of Pain and The Chameleon Heart of Woman – An Advanced Faerytale with accompanying CD Albums. Achieving airplay on Stephen Walkers’ Ghost in the Machine Radio show on Station 3RRR Melbourne Australia and attention from European Alternative Zines. Simultaneously, working for American Companies such as Hewlett Packard, Accenture, Nortel Engineering IBM, EDS, GE, General Motors for Aviation, Automotive & Telecommunications within Data Integrity. Half Art and half Technology learning.



In 2006 to 2018, Jacinta moved to Amsterdam in The Netherlands, to launch an Invention for the Worldwide Trading of Artists. And studied Entrepreneurship online with Stanford University USA. In the Book, Entrepreneurship How to Fail, the reader gets to travel along the pathway of a real entrepreneur for all the sunny days and the bumps along the road.

The story is shaped like a true Business Plan and part Memoir of the Author, and it centres around the invention and launch of a Digital Trading Desk for Artists. Join the adventures from Amsterdam Holland to Athens Greece as Jacinta explores her own limits. And enjoy the successes and learn from her failure along the way! 

The cruel reality of working on an invention and needing startup finance, you can’t be secretive about an invention if you need to reach out to investors and raise funds! But an invention is not truly yours until it gets Patent Registration Status from Patent Offices, which make the terms of ownership simple enough, if you have the money to register for Patents. Which leaves the inventor with only an Idea instead.

Jacinta appeared and presented ideas to The Digital Agenda Assembly The European Commission, Brussels, Belgium via an invitation from Techstars USA. And Berlin Department for Innovation Technology & Women, Berlin Germany via the Entrepreneur Platform Welcome Package of Berlin Partners GmbH. She auditioned invention for the BBC Innovation Platform in Research & Development Department at MediaCityUK Salford Quays, England & shared her own experimentation of a Verbalization of A Patent at OISPG The Open Innovation Policy Sustainability Group Dublin Ireland to record ownership of Patent.

Jacinta was invited and contributed to many more Open Innovation Forums, such as, EIGE The European Institute for Gender Equality, Equinet, UN FAO The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation & ITU The United Nations International Telecommunication Union, Digital Venice, Start-up Greece, Eurisy, Horizon 2020 & Council of Regions & EU Open Days all part of The European Commission Agendum Bodies and Agencies. 



In 2006, departure for Amsterdam and Berlin wasn’t exactly an overnight decision or impulse. Jacinta aimed to be closer to culture which celebrated inventions and women inventing in particular. This was an untested hope. The Digital Trading Desk for Artists needed to be more than an Online Platform, it needed safe financial gateway, insurance, visas for the Acts and venues and staff for musical touring. Essentially Jacinta was attempting the impossible trying to condense the Music & Performance Industry into one screen for one booking dashboard!

Selling human beings for their Art happens all the time for Music, Art, Film, Shows to Events, but buying direct from the Artist by the Audience for Live Shows has not existed Internationally for trade and export. Imagine being able to buy your favourite overseas Band and having them perform for your Event within 7 days?

Jacinta would learn over many years, there was no investment monies in Europe for Entrepreneurialism. And especially not for a foreigner or a woman. But the failure of no funding didn’t stop the Entrepreneur from having a voice via social media and conferences. At the end of the experience, all the effort and energy became a Book exploring How To Fail? Many business books touch very lightly on failure, like it is a far-off phenomenon which comes to grab only the few bad entrepreneurs in the night! How To Fail examines the hours invested in merging Art with Technology and developing a niche product for a world-wide audience, who won’t get to enjoy the invention’s goal to share International Artists anytime, anywhere live everywhere in the world. The premise was simple, you can download an Artist’s song why not be able to buy the Artist?

Feel the heartache which comes when the Entrepreneur must let go of the vision and hard work! Ill-health, homelessness and lack of funds dwindled down to having no more Entrepreneurial Avenues left to chase. The journey became a Book for prosperity. Jacinta hopes the book is enjoyed as a treasure of the business savvy and possibilities of digital commerce and new Entrepreneurs celebrate that they are live online and are instantly Global Entrepreneurs, in the ‘now’!

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